Let’s go!

After a few weeks of consideration I decided to take a part in ‘Get Noticed!’ contest.
I’d like to briefly describe main goals I’d like to achieve making Audio Beetle project.
But first of all, what’d be?
I’d like to create a terminal-based tool to download podcasts, conference presentations, lectures etc.

How do I expect it to work?
Simply pasting link into the console (whether it is YouTube or direct *.mp3 link), connecting my phone or other external device and that’s it!

Over the months I’ve made some mp3 scrapers (mostly JSoup based) from my favorite podcasts RSS-feeds but the solution wasn’t satisfying.
When choosing a project for the ‘Get Noticed!’ contest I realized that I really need this kind of simple tool. Not another CRUD web-application or something like this.
As I’m using Ubuntu so the project will be fitted rather for Linux users (which means we will be using /media catalog to find external storage devices).

So what the reasons for making this kind of tool are?

#1 Useful tool

The main reason of creating Audio Beetle is my personal need of having this kind of tool which lets me download podcasts, conference presentations, lectures etc.
I’m listening to this kind of stuff usually off-line and I’m doing it very often.
So in order to sync my device I always used some YouTube MP3 converters soft, then copied it do my external devices etc.
Repeat it thousand of times… In fact it takes plenty of time and I don’t like to waste it.
So yeah, at first I’d like to help myself (or maybe someone else who struggles with similar problem?).

I’m sure there are some ready solutions for this problem, but is it really important?

#2 Refresh my knowledge

I’ve been working with Spring Boot for my pet project recently but I decided to do it in Ye Goode Plaine Olde Java. Why? Because I’d like it to be simple console-based tool and I’d like to refresh my basic Java knowledge by the way (and share it with my readers), practice some basic OOP, Java 8 features etc.

Well, the best way to learn is to teach, right?

So, with every project post I’ll publish there will be also a learning post with some explanations, examples etc.
I’ll try to give you a hints, share my experience, so stick with me if you’re interested!

Besides, I’m sure the whole project can be done in one class in very non-OOP way. You may also say that it’s to small project to do it using Java but I don’t care.
We’ll try to make some interesting and useful things here.

#3 Challenge

This competition seems to be an interesting challenge and opportunity to make some cool stuff here. So why not?
We’ll see how far I’ll go with it.

Let’s go!


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